Why you should disclose ALL your drivers.

The Undisclosed Driver issue can cause major problems for auto insurance policy holders.  Each person of driving age living in your home should be listed on your insurance policy. Why you ask?  If anyone residing in your household is not listed on  your policy, they are at risk of being considered by your insurance company an ‘undisclosed driver.’  Many policy holders only list themselves because they think that is all they need to do. Many times years go by and they dont even think about listing their newly licensed teenage driver.   Regardless of the situation, it is still your responsibility to know the insurance policy.

If you have a child in college, roommates or a sixteen-year-old son or daughter, they should be listed on your policy. If they are not, your insurance company might rescind your insurance and deny a claim if the undisclosed driver was the driver of the vehicle during the accident. If anyone living in your household is not listed on your policy, you may not be sufficiently covered.

It is critical that you complete an annual review with your agent to go over your insurance policy  and any necessary changes with you. Honestly answer any questions they may have to make sure that you will be adequately covered at a time of a loss. Paying years of insurance premiums only to have a claim denied because of a technicality can be irritating and costly. Educate yourself on your policy, know your coverage and make sure your agent will help you understand your options.

The information provided here relates to general situations and questions concerning specific risks and may not apply to all situations or individual circumstances.