Lead Purchase Program

We provide realtime leads daily.

Our pricing for quality real time leads is lower than what it would cost an agency to self generate leads.  We accomplish lead generation more efficiently with better conversion ratios due to our employee experience, lower list prices for volume purchases, call center management, large internet ad buys, national advertising, and other economies of scale.

Imagine the cost of 1 employee working 8 hours for $10 Per hour plus bonuses for leads generated, plus the cost of the leads. That would cost approximately $2332 per month and would generate an estimated 5 leads per day.  Dont forget, add the cost of your time and efforts to recruit and manage that position.

We will focus on maintaining the business generation team, and quality of the leads, and you focus on closing the deals.


Real Time Lead Prices – $5.00 with No Minimum Commitment Period or volume required.  Just request the amount of leads per day and pause or start when ever you choose. Shared with a maximum of 4 agencies.

Aged Leads – As low as $3.50 per lead, search through our database and purchase as much or as little as you choose.

If you want to get started Click Here to complete our online signup form. Or Call with questions (248)-270-7001

Dont waste time – get started closing more deals now.



ALL WEB LEADS Shared Lead Pricing

Prices Start At

Preferred Plus Auto – Base $16.00; Premium $20.00; Qualified $24.00; Calls $34.00

Preferred Auto – Base $14.00; Premium $17.50; Qualified $21.00; Calls $32.00

Standard Plus Auto – Base $10.00; Premium $12.50; Qualified $15.00; Calls $28.00

Non-Standard Auto – Base $6.00; Premium $7.50; Qualified $9.00; Calls $24.00


Base Prices starting at $11.00