Hire a Telemarketer

If you’re looking for telemarketers — we can save you money on expenses, time and improve your conversions of the leads to closings.  Compare the benefits of our company compared to inhouse telemarketing.
-You have to find them.
-You have to train them.
-If they quit you have to find someone new and retrain them.
-You take the risk that they do not perform. 
-They may generate a low quantity and quality of leads.
-You have to pay for the source leads — if you want better results. (Using requote leads will yield a lower conversion rate because the leads have been worked.  The potential clients who are saving money with these leads probably have already converted. So the money you save on source lead cost is wiped out by a lower conversion rate.)
-You spend your time training and monitoring them.  
-You pay Employer Social Security Taxes.
-Weekly cost at $10 Per hour with employer taxes – $432 (not reimbursible at 50%)
-Daily leads generated unknown and not guaranteed.
-If they dont perform and you fire them for non production and they file for unemployment you increase your unemployment insurance costs.
-We find and train the telemarketers.
-We guarantee performance daily.
-We take the risk of their performance.
-Spend 0 time hiring/training/HR paperwork/supervision.
-You can spend more time converting leads to sales yielding more income.
-We provide HIGH Quality source leads that are targeted to perform and convert.
-The cost per lead WILL be lower than your in house program for a full time telemarketer.
-Our telemarketers leads will convert better than member leads – and thats guaranteed.  
-Weekly cost $380 (discounted rate) for signing up by 7/1/2015
-Weekly cost after 50% reimbursment $190 by your insurance company.
-Guaranteed leads per day quantity 8.  
-If we dont deliver leads you dont pay.
-Scale volume up very easily and quickly.
-Requires minimum 90 day committment period.
-No risk of increasing unemployment insurance costs.
-Add AutoDialer service for a discounted price of $20 Per week (1 login).   
Dont waste time figuring out what to do — Your new business bonus is getting closer to dropping from 21% to 0.  YWe all know the old saying — You have to spend money to make money.  If you make this investment and close deals you’re investing in your income increases for years to come.
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