Dont Buy Insurance Without an Agent

Don’t buy Insurance without the advice of an agent.  I’m an agent and therefore I sound biased, but its solid advice unless you have a insurance license.

I sold insurance to a client recently and quoted them insurance based on what coverages they thought they had.  Based on the initial analysis – I could not save them money.  As a precaution I ask my clients to send me their declarations pages to double check the info.  The client sent me their declarations pages and upon the review they did not have the coverages they needed nor the coverage they thought they had.  In this case the client went online and bound insurance without the advice of an agent.   The insurance that was bought did not include coverage for collision with another vehicle and the client did not know that there was no collision coverage.  This could have caused a situation where the customer thought they were covered for collision and was denied after making a claim.  If the vehicle had been totaled they would still have been responsible for the full loan balance. Fortunately the worst case scenario did not happen and ultimately I was able to save them money and get them properly insured once I was able to properly compare the coverages they had.

I have numerous stories about this type of problem, and it continues to grow as consumers under insure themselves without knowing it.

An agent must be licensed for a reason – so that we are capable of counseling our clients on the coverages of insurance.  Its complex and requires a great deal of knowledge of various coverages for various situations.  Think about it like this, you would not walk into court without a lawyer, why would you bind coverage without the advise of an agent.

Whoever you choose for insurance, make sure you seek advise from a live person.  My goal is to make sure you’re protected properly regardless of who your insurance company is.